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4 تیر 1401
پرسنل شرکت شمه شیر

Presence of Shammeh Shir Company with Chaltafarm product brand in the 29th International Exhibition of Agricultural, Food, Machinery and Related Industries

The presence of Shemeh Shir Company with the brand of Chaltafarm products in the 29th International Exhibition of Agricultural Food Industries, Machinery and Related Industries on […]
25 خرداد 1401
پروتین شیر خشک بدون چربی

Dry milk protein

Skim milk powder is one of the high protein products (High Protein Products), therefore, in addition to structural parameters such as grain size, solubility and temperature […]
18 خرداد 1401

29th International Exhibition of Agriculture Industries (Iran Agrofood 2022)

26 اسفند 1400
شرکت شمه شیر

Children of staff visit the factory

Name of God On 12/18/1400, the children’s children and their spouses visited the reception, and a special package including milk powder with the company logo, a […]
25 اسفند 1400
شرکت شمه شیر

Eid ceremony

Name of God The special ceremony of Nowruz was held on 12/22/1400 with the presence of all the personnel in the factory premises along with the […]
25 اسفند 1400
افتتاحیه شرکت شمه شیر


Name of God Shammeh Shir Company started production in March 2016 and was officially inaugurated on 11/20/1400 in the presence of the Vice President, Governor of […]