Brand Story

Shameh shir Agro- industrial and Livestock Co has been established and started its work since 2021 in the heart of the animal husbandry industry in the southeast of Tehran province, Pishva city, on a land of 60,000 square meters. With the aim of producing quality products, in accordance with global standards and the correct use of energy resources and the use of well-trained and skilled forces, in order to achieve sustainable production, this group has designed a smart chain of cultivation of animal feed and quality fodder that It is the primary source of quality products, and it has continuously monitored the specialized forces in the field of animal husbandry, agriculture, food industry and laboratory in the livestock farms under its collection, and also by using the latest devices for producing dairy products from the most prestigious brands in the world, it has succeeded. It has started to produce all kinds of milk powder, butter, cream and other derivatives and provide them under Chaltafarm and Shiraland brands to the domestic and international markets. The daily capacity of receiving 1250 tons of raw milk has placed this complex in the group of the largest producers of dairy products in the Middle East. Specialists in the quality control department have made it possible to produce baby formula based on continuous and strict monitoring of supplier farms and efforts to reduce things such as microbial load and aflatoxin, which is one of the achievements of this collection. Despite the managers’ attention on the production of quality products, taking into account the country’s lack of water resources and the flow of an environmental perspective in the entire chain, less water consumption in the agricultural sector and increasing water productivity through its intelligent recycling, the traditional structures in agriculture and industry has undergone fundamental changes. In today’s modern industry, after years of experience, managers and investors have a higher view of human resources and have given their place to human capital. In this regard, by employing committed, expert men and women and combining skill and accuracy, Shameh Shir Group has succeeded in producing products with international standards, and all these honors are due to the trust in the men and women of Iran. Shameh Shir Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Company, with the three principles of quality production, competitive price and being in sync with the environment, is taking steps in the direction of providing the agriculture, animal husbandry and dairy industry of our dear country Iran with all its strength.

Specialized workforce

National and international standards


Global quality


Shameh Shir Landscape

The first choice of customers in the domestic and international markets with competitive quality in the dairy and milk powder industry.


Shameh Shir Mission

For our target audience in the dairy and food industries, who are looking for a leading, reliable and innovative organization, In Shameh Shir Co., we supply dairies with internationally competitive quality in order to achieve our goals and perform our responsibilities, utilizing high knowledge and expertise, modern equipment and machinery, quality raw materials and adherence to the principles of professional ethics and honesty; we can fulfill our mission of supporting the livestock industry and the dairy industry by developing and improving our product's quality and Standards and playing an effective role in food health.


Organizational Value

1.Safety and health.
2. Environment-Friendly.
3. Respect to stakeholders.
4. Creativity and innovation.
5.Constant improvement.
6. Honesty.
7.Quality orientation.

Plan goals and strategies

It all starts with milk.
The story of Shameh Shir agro-industry and animal husbandry and our relationship with milk began in 1998. This was the year that farmers and ranchers decided to start a joint venture in the Shameh Shir dairy factory as a company, and as a result of this partnership, to strengthen their position in the market and secure the sale of their milk. Today, Shameh Shir Agriculture, Industry and Animal Husbandry is one of the major dairy companies in the field of milk absorption in Iran. We provide valuable milk nutrition to millions of consumers daily in Iran and around the world. Not only in the form of milk itself, but also with a variety of products derived from milk.

Our goal, our program

The goal of Shameh shir agro-industry is to nourish nature with nature. Provide our pastoralists now and for future generations. This is the compass and the basis of our strategy: our goal and the plan of agriculture, industry and animal husbandry can not be achieved by focusing on the short term. That is why we are focused on the future.

Agriculture and animal husbandry Shameh Shir

For our customers in Iran and export to various countries around the world, daily consumption products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, buttermilk, and desserts and baby food, as well as for the market of professional producers of semi-finished products such as cream and butter, raw cheese, condensed milk And supplies the ingredients of some food industries and the pharmaceutical sector. And by the end of 1400, Shameh Shir agro-industry has employed 200 capable and efficient workers.

Customers' first choice in domestic markets
Internationally competitive quality in the dairy industry