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Presence of Shameh Shir Company with Chaltafarm product brand in the 29th International Exhibition of Agricultural, Food, Machinery and Related Industries

The presence of Shemeh Shir Company with the brand of Chaltafarm products in the 29th International Exhibition of Agricultural Food Industries, Machinery and Related Industries on 27-30 June in the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions;
In its first appearance at the exhibition, Shemeh Shir was met with an unparalleled welcome by clients, customers and applicants of its products from different countries, and the company’s focus on quality in the not so long time that has passed since the production of this collection has achieved remarkable results. Finds and expresses the right path and principled policy and effective use of various experts in the organization’s processes. Numerous discussions of experts and managers of the collection with potential customers, conveyed the message that Shemeh Shir, with its specialized technical and human potentials and reliance on modern science and technology, will have a steep path but a very clear vision.
Shammeh Shir Company intends to have a much stronger and more active presence in related exhibitions and to develop relationships and introduce the values and capabilities of Chaltafarm brand in national and international arenas.

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