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فرآیند شرکت شمه شیر

Research and Development Unit

Rapid changes in consumer demand mean that there is always a need to adapt. Before developing new products, you must have a deep understanding of the market and the needs of the user. Such a function provides the ground for new product development. Various items are first produced and tested. They can then be prototyped for further research and experimentation.

Despite emerging technologies and rapidly changing markets, research and development in business is more important than ever. Although many businesses have R&D performance, the way R&D is done in practice varies dramatically. Its intensity also varies greatly between industries and individual companies.

R&D projects are tailored to achieve a wide range of business goals and needs. Most of these projects have unknowns and uncertainties at their core. And the goal of research and development is to solve these problems. Continuous evaluation of existing products, services and processes is also a key part of the R&D unit. If another product, service or process is not profitable or has no added value in the market, there is a risk of recession. Legal changes or changes in user requirements mean that a product or process must change or evolve to survive.


Description of the tasks of this unit in Chaltafarm