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Kesht Sanat Damparvari Shamehshir Co

Nearly eight decades have passed since the beginning of the first milk industrial site in Iran. Over the years, we have seen many developments in improving the quality of milk and milk products. The dairy industry is an industry that is directly related to public health. For this important reason, the mission of dairy and milk powder factories as well as experts in the field of food security is quite clear. In this article, we try to examine the different and quality-oriented view of Kesh Sanat Damparvari  Shameh Shir into the manufacturing and especially the production of powder products.

Core values Shamehshir

ایمنی و بهداشت در شمه شیر

Safety and health

حفاظت از محیط زیست در شمه شیر

Friendship with the environment

احترام به ذینفعان در شمه شیر

Respect for stakeholders

خلاقیت و نوآوری در شمه شیر

Creativity and innovation in production

بهبود مستمر در شمه شیر

Continuous improvement

رعایت صداقت در شمه شیر

Honesty and integrity

رعایت صداقت در شمه شیر


برند چالتافارم شرکت شمه شیر

Why products Shamehshir?


Quality raw materials


Integration of production lines


Green production

محصولات شرکت شمه شیر

Core knowledge and expertise


Establish standards


feed to food

محصولات شرکت شمه شیر

News and Events

شرکت شمه شیر
News and Events

Children of staff visit the factory

Name of God On 12/18/1400, the children’s children and their spouses visited the reception, and a special package including milk powder with the company logo, a

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Customers' first choice in domestic markets
Internationally competitive quality in the dairy industry