Shameh Shir Agro- industrial and Livestock Co.

Shameh Shir Agro- industrial and Livestock Co. has built on a 60,000 square meters land; Shameh Shir Co. is located in Pishva, south of Tehran, the capital of Iran; Pishva is one of the animal husbandry industries centers of Iran. Shameh Shir Co. has been started producing milk dairies since 2021, using global standards, the optimal energy usage and skilled-full human forces in order to achieve sustainable production; this group has stablished a smart chain from the cultivation of animal feed and high-quality fodder, which is the primary source of high-quality products, and has continuously monitored expert forces in the field of animal husbandry, agriculture, food and laboratory industries in the livestock farms under it’s collection; also, by using the latest dairy production equipments from the most reliable brands in the world, Shameh Shir Co. has succeeded in producing all kinds of milk powder, butter, cream and other milk derivatives and presenting them to the domestic and international markets under Chaltafarm and Shiraland brands. The daily capacity of receiving 1250 tons of raw milk has placed this complex in the group of the largest dairy producers  of the Middle East.

Core values Shameh Shir

Safety and health

Friendship with the environment

Respect for stakeholders

Creativity and innovation in production

Continuous improvement

Honesty and integrity


Why products Shameh Shir?

Quality raw materials

Integration of production lines

Green production

Core knowledge and expertise

Establish standards

feed to food

The Events Of The Shameh shir From The Picture Frame

Customers' first choice in domestic markets
Internationally competitive quality in the dairy industry