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The process of human capital

The biggest competitive advantage of countries and organizations is having capable human resources. The importance of human capital in promoting growth and productivity is one of the most important issues that have been considered by management experts. Human capital is the only input that can transform or balance other production inputs, provide a basis for innovation, and lead to broad-based economic growth. Human capital is: the storage of knowledge, skills, competencies and abilities that are mainly acquired through education and have a positive impact on the quality of work and increase its economic value in the labor market. According to the managerial view, human capital is a business resource or asset that is formed from market value. Macroeconomic attitude sees human capital as one of the factors of production, thus in the sources of economic growth, the concept of human capital is related to the development of economic knowledge. forgives. Armstrong introduces human capital as the knowledge and skills that create and apply individuality.

“Human capital” represents the tacit knowledge in the minds and thoughts of employees and the basic source of innovation and re-creation of an organization, which is defined as a combination of competencies, attitudes and creativity of employees.
Human capital has attracted more attention with the globalization as well as the saturation of the labor market and due to the recent recession in the global economy. Developed and developing countries emphasize the further development of human capital to accelerate economic growth by allocating the necessary time and effort. This development of human capital is one of the basic solutions to enter the international arena.
Shammeh Shir Company, with the benefit of experienced consultants in the field of human capital management and by establishing related processes, has provided a coherent structure and system for attracting, hiring, retaining and developing its employees and strives to continuously improve this process. Always be a leader in this direction and provide favorable conditions for professional, committed and motivated people.

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