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Training and development of human capital

Today, education as one of the main mechanisms of human resource development in the field of organizations and enterprises has been considered by many experts, officials and managers of education. What is especially important in large organizations and enterprises is the orientation of educational activities towards systemic views and strategic attitudes, which is necessary given the new global conditions, complex technologies, knowledge capital and change in jobs. It seems so. Combining and concentrating a systemic approach and strategic orientation with the main functions of policy-making, planning and implementation, and educational evaluation, makes the training cycle in organizations purposeful, rational, dynamic, and flexible.

مدیریت دانش و آموزش

learning process

Training is a four-step process that all stages must be constantly monitored.

مدیریت دانش و آموزش پرسنل

Determine training needs

پرسنل شرکت شمه شیر

Training design and planning

انواع آموزش شمه شیر

Execution of training

نتایج آموزش

Evaluate training results


Types of training

آموزش بدو استخدام

In-service training

This type of training is provided at the beginning of hiring and starting to serve employees and aims to provide general knowledge about the rules and regulations, duties and missions of different departments and related staff.

آموزش ضمن خدمت

In-service training

Refers to the trainings that are provided during the service and during the time that the employee is at the disposal of the organization and are mainly focused on providing theoretical and practical training.


Training methods


Theoretical teaching method

There are methods that are implemented in the form of methods of teaching lectures, questions and answers, group discussions and so on.


Practical training method

Refers to methods that are practically presented in the form of learners' activities. Objectives of in-service training

مدیریت دانش و آموزش

Objectives of in-service training

مدیریت دانش و آموزش

Improving staff job and professional skills

مدیریت دانش آموزش

Matching the ability and knowledge of employees with new tasks and missions

آموزش شمه شیر

Improving the level of knowledge and improving the insight of employees

شرکت شمه شیر

Increase employee motivation and…


Training Objectives in Shimeh Shir

1) Preparing and compiling job descriptions
2) Development of educational needs assessment
3) Implementation of standard 10015 in the training unit
4) Establishment of specialized training software
5) Establishment of a comprehensive education system
6) Pursue holding safety courses in a targeted manner
7) Pursue the holding of ISO courses in a purposeful way
8) Signing a memorandum of cooperation with educational centers
9) Evaluate training outputs at three levels: reactive, learning and behavioral
10) Higher management courses
11) Develop a standard for beginner training
12) Holding symposiums